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EutichesBook Off Road 2023

Non-competitive motorcycling event on tracks and roads open to traffic, whose only way to follow is the roadbook (on paper roll or digital format).

The start and finish of the Eutiches will be from the Motorland Aragón World Championship Circuit, its facilities and location are perfect since from there we will enjoy the best offroad tracks and roads in Spain. Teruel is the paradise of offroad motorcycles, we are going to discover spectacular landscapes for our trail, maxitrail and scrambler motorcycles.

The route of the EutichesBook OffRoad Extrem will be approx. 350 km on Saturday 30 September and 120km on Sunday 1 October. One 80% on dirt tracks, roads and 20% asphalt, with some sections of technical difficulty. We only recommend the most experienced participants to follow the entire itinerary.