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Terra Garraf

Terra Garraf is a trail route that runs along the paths of the Garraf and also an incursion into the Foix. You can enjoy 2 tracks: 214 km or 264 km.

During the tour you will be able to enjoy the peculiar landscapes of Garraf, with views of the sea, which together with the small number of participants, will make you enjoy a very special day.

It is a circular route where at the halfway point of it we will pass through roads with very good surface, areas with a lot of stones, constant slopes and we will enter some forests and enjoy some stretch of road with dreamy curves. Approximately 80% of the route is dirt, so it will be necessary to bring knobby tires in good condition so as not to have added difficulties to the route itself, which does not involve any complicated point for someone who has a certain experience in this type of terrain, not being a route suitable for beginners.

We have put all the ingredients for you to spend a fabulous day, with all our experience and our enthusiasm. Now all that’s left is for you to enjoy this fantastic day with your bike and your teammates.


We are a
non-profit association
that organizes motorcycle tourism events, both on the road and offroad.

So far we have organized 9 events that in total have brought together more than 2,500 motards. And most importantly, we have raised more than 30,000 euros that have been donated to charitable causes.